Who exactly is John Edwards?

I’m a 29 year recovered addict/alcoholic, born in Ireland struggled with addiction for over 20 years. I lived on the streets in Dublin Ireland and London England, homeless, lost and hopeless with nowhere to go for help, during this time my father died and was unable to attend his funeral. This broke me and resulted in me praying and asking sincerely for help. I had an incredible encounter with the presence of God and at that moment my life began to change.

I went to a Christian rehab, I was sick of being sick, tired having to find drugs and or alcohol every day of my life. On completion of rehab I began to reach out and help others who were addicted and lost; that was over 28 years ago. I met and married Trish 21 years ago, she had four children, we now also have four grandchildren, we opened several Christian places to feed and look after the homeless, also opened several Rehabilitation centres. Successfully detoxed many people from drugs and alcohol. We have literally helped thousands of people, parents, siblings, partners, spouses, we have worked with many prisons, the police, governments, media, churches and many other agencies over the years.

I’m an evangelist, (A bringer of the Good news of the Gospel) to this end I work tirelessly to bring the liberating message of the Gospel in a way that is both creative, communicated well and understood by the broken people we reach out to. These days there are as many rich, middle class broken as there are poor addicts living in poverty. We are blessed to be able to reach both ends of the spectrum effectively.


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