Who exactly is John Edwards?

What qualifications do I have to reach out to you and help you?

Well I do not have any pieces of paper saying I have this degree or that qualification. I do however have experience in life that I believe has more than equipped me to reach and help others.

I spent over 20 years of my life as an addict/alcoholic, also I was homeless, suicidal, abused, been in psychiatric hospitals. I have had cancer twice, a liver transplant, Hep C but now recovered, I have witnessed many of my friends and loved ones dying. I have experienced an incredible encounter with God 27 years ago, I have suffered at the hands of many folk, including Christians because as I was still addicted and messed up for 3 years as a Christian. I am free, clean and sober now for 23 years. I have set up several Christian rehabilitation centers, homeless outreach and feeding centers. I am happily married, a step father and grandfather. I reach out to everyone from millionaires, business people and street folk.

I believe this experience in life is just what you need to feel understood and not spoken to by someone who learned in a book or seminar. I have learned on the school of hard knocks. Let us help you,

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