Upcoming events ...    Friday 12th June -  Killarney Town centre 11am - 4pm 

                                                                   Killarney Court Hotel   7pm

                                 Saturday 13th June - Killarney Town centre 11am - 4pm

                                                                   Killarney Court Hotel   7pm     

                                   Sunday 14th June - Killarney Court Hotel - New Beginings church 



 Coming soon !!!

John Edwards new book " For Heavens Sake " Within these pages you will find answers to your own personal questions about life, dealing with it's sickness, struggles and strife. You will laugh and cry as read the stories of John's exploits and the testimonies of the people he reached through his writings and ministry. I hope and pray that you too can learn to overcome all life has thrown at you. Sometimes we feel life is not fair, other times we feel that life cannot go on ... But... With God and the right attitude, with his strength we can do anything. 



John's autobiography, 'Walking Free' ( his life story about how he was freed from years of addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and his recovery from cancer and liver transplant) Is now available on Amazon (and Kindle as an e-book)
Thank you for your support us as we travel to reach the lost, suicidal and hurting. 
We have received literally Hundreds of letters, emails etc saying how the Book helped change people's lives and led many to Him also. Please share and recommend it my friends.

God bless 

Trish Edwards