Amanda Varty

ME sufferer from Bradford

My name is Amanda Varty, following complications after surgery I developed a severe form of M.E. That left me bedridden for nine years My husband Steve and I went from being a normal couple to him having to spoon feed me. The doctors could offer no cure and I was told that I would be severely disabled for the rest of my life. In April 2012 I could barely sit up in my wheelchair when John Edwards came up and prayed with me and I miraculously got out of my wheelchair and walked for the first time in nine years.

John and Trish then came alongside us and helped us set goals and rebuild our lives. I am now fully recovered from M.E. And Steve and I are living a full and normal life that we never thought possible. Last summer, just over a year after first getting out of my wheelchair I completed the Dublin mini marathon with John and Trish's support. I have literally seen the impossible become possible, I cannot thank them enough for all they have done.

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