What’s Coming Up In Walking Free

Trish and I head to USA on Saturday the 27th October with our friend and evangelist Dermot Landy, Jess our Techy person is coming with us too.  We are doing three #Gravechats over three weeks in November; in Lakeland Florida, Baltimore in Maryland and Dublin in Ireland.  The first #Gravechat is near Lakeland in Florida with Pastor Bobby William’s of Freedom Church in Winter Haven Florida.

There is huge drug problem in the USA, over 60,000 people died from drugs, mainly Opioids last year.  Florida had 6,658 overdose deaths from Prescription drugs in 2016, a 24% increase from 2015 where 5364 people died. Fentanyl related deaths in Florida spiked by a staggering 97% in 2016 with 1390 deaths in 2016 compared to 705 deaths in 2015.

We do our #Gravechat in Baltimore from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th November.  Maryland has one third the population of Florida and the amount of drug deaths in Baltimore is reflected in that, 2,282. We are doing the #Gravechat in Baltimore with Pastor Todd Scoltz, from Wilkens Avenue Mennonite Church in Southwest Baltimore.
We in Walking Free cannot on our own change or fix the problem; but with the Gospel, with God’s miraculous help and through radical outreach like #Gravechat we can and will reach potentially millions of people throughout USA with a message of Hope in God.  Tune in or keep in touch with us as we ‘Livestream’ on John Edwards Walking Free and our Youtube (Walking Free) and on our website www.walkingfree.org.


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