The WORLD is Opening Up!

UK and Ireland.

We continue to reach out in the UK and Ireland, indeed were committing to reach into 20 cities and towns with our prison cell in both the UK and Ireland over the next 18 months. Below is a picture of the front and back of the prison cell. 

We will work with teams from local churches, park the cell in their community and live in it for a couple of days, we will then livestream directly into the local houses and business, (Having publicised it big time beforehand) we will teach folk how to deal with addiction, depression, eating disorders etc and inspire them with incredible testimonies. It’s like in (Luke 4v17-39) the four friends bringing their mate through the roof to be healed by Jesus, we will bring Him into their homes through their internet. Friends, this works, it’s going to be epic. We begin to reach these cities and towns on September 2nd and 3rd in Belfast.

Eastern Europe.

Many years ago God gave me a strong word accompanied by visions of our ministry going around the world. I thought that the vision would come to pass within weeks back then but now years later the vision is happening, many countries around the world are opening up to us, Eastern Europe, Albania, Romania, Greece Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and other countries around this neighbourhood have invited us over to do outreach with our prison cell.  Some of these countries, like Estonia, Latvia, Belarus speak Russian, my book Walking Free has been translated and is being given out in Russian prisons, these doors are opening now for me to visit…Incredible isn’t it? They are planning to get us into major cities and to reach many through the prison cell and through preaching crusades.

South America, my book, ‘Walking Free’ is now being translated into Spanish by our friend in Colombia, We are invited to preach there and in Ecuador and do outreach with translators. This is very exciting and is a dream of mine for many years to visit these places. Praise God.


North America. Many doors have opened up to us in North America. Several large Ministries, chuches and even TV stations have requested us work and minister with them. Trish and I go over there for several weeks in October to seal these opportunities. I am especially excited about this and cannot wait to get these foundations down and establish new ground. have requested us to work with them,  Several other countries have requested visits from us but wisdom, accountability and experience wont let us take on too much, we will pray about every place we are invited to and will only go to those places we feel strongly led by God into. Please pray for us as these doors open. Thank you. John.

You will see from this update that the ministry is growing very quickly, this means it’s also costing a lot more and we are being stretched financially to the point of mighty challenge. Should you feel led we would so appreciate it if you could manage to support us on a monthly or one off donation towards reaching the lost and broken, you can do so on our donate button on the website. 


Thank you. John.

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