Livestreaming Around the World - Vision

I still livestream now several evenings a week on my public profile page on Facebook, you can watch it on ‘John Edwards Walking Free’. Just like the page and you can join us.

God has laid it on our hearts to literally go round the world using ‘Livestreaming’ to reach people and publicising it through both living in a coffin and sometimes in a portable prison cell, other times I will live with the homeless on the streets and also in wealthy people’s homes, this way we reach a cross section of society. We will interview and livestream for up to 3 days in them. Media will work with us and thereby we will reach very many people. We will do the east coast of USA in November, Mid America in March 2018 and West Coast in Summer 2018. In late April we travel to South Africa and Swaziland to do outreach.

Friends this is a pioneering way of reaching people, using such tools for publicity works, when life experience and wisdom gained through life is brought together with an idea like this it explodes in incredible ways and reaches millions. Like in Mark Chapter 2 we can reach in through the roof of people’s homes to bring Jesus to the people.

I know that God can reach millions, He kept me alive for such a time as this. When I was sick I KNEW God would raise me up and now I KNOW that God will reach an incredible amount of people through us.

We will go to whoever God leads us to, please pray for us and even more so please pray we get to reach millions of folk. This is warfare and were on the winning side. Keep up to date with us on Facebook address at top of page.
You can help us too as we do all this through faith alone, you can support us  through our website donation page.

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