#Gravechat in Finglas Ireland

#Gravechat Ireland.(If my people will humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways and seek my face and pray to me I will heal their land)

We are doing #Gravechat in Finglas Ireland on Thursday November 15th to Saturday November 17th.

Ireland has a death rate from drugs more than three times above the European average, according to an EU report, writes Cormac O’Keeffe. This doesn’t include those who die from Hep, C, AIDS, blood poisoning from injecting, and many other natural or unnatural  causes as a result of drug abuse and addiction. Thousands of young men and women have died throughout Ireland. It’s time to speak some truth…

I get phone calls for help from the smallest Irish villages, from farmers, GAA has many young people having to give up playing Gaelic football or hurley because they are strung out on drugs like cocaine and other drugs. Parents phone me, siblings and children of addicts phone often for help because they don’t know what to do. Methadone is killing many in Ireland  too as are other prescription drugs.

Our nation is in trouble, suicide is killing many too and we believe  that as we ‘Bring Word’s of Life From the Grave’ we will rehach and help some. Tune in on Facebook live ‘John Edwards Walking Free’ youtube on Walking Free and our website www.walkingfree.org

God bless our country, set the lost, addicted, suicidal and broken free in Jesus name.

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