Autumn Newsletter 2017

Hi Everyone, Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter, so many great things have happened in Walking Free since our last newsletter.

Thank God we are all well and thank God too for all your prayers and support, with your help we’ve been able to reach millions of people around the world; through one on one, speaking in churches, taking folk into our home,  through media, TV, Radio, papers etc. Wow, It’s been quite incredible and were blessed to have God with us on the journey. What an honour and privilege to be used in such a way, we truly give God all the glory.

Trish and I travel a lot together these days, we have been to literally most corners of Ireland and many places in the UK this year. God has enabled us to help some very challenging people. Some of these folk we’ve taken into our home, they have come from serious backgrounds, their testimonies are incredible and it’s a huge and sometimes daunting challenge. Please pray for us as we do this.

We are standing with addicts, former paramilitaries, men and women from absolutely broken backgrounds as well as many professionals who are addicted to prescription drugs; helping them find freedom, often detoxing them or supporting them as they detox.

I want to note with you that most of the people we reach out to are not addicts or alcoholics, we are evangelists and  we reach out to everyone, both rich and poor but I have to admit there are many from all kinds of backgrounds getting in touch who have ‘Life Controlling Issues’. We love  them.

Addiction is changing in Ireland and UK. In North Ireland drugs are coming in like a flood, there are new influences bringing the drugs in and unfortunately there are many young men and women who are falling foul of them. We have been able to reach many folk though. When I did the #Gravechat outreach we reached so many people, millions in fact, very many suicidal people, young and old got in touch and by God’s grace we were able to help them all, Glory to God. This outreach with it’s livestreaming arm has far exceeded our wildest dreams. Depressed people, parents, professionals, old folks, lonely people. The list goes on and on, people are still getting in touch with us as a result. Live radio in Columbia, media in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, N, Zealand, Russia, Iceland, USA, Canada, India, and many more got in touch and watched us, even several media outlets in China. WOW!!!!! Multiplied millions we reached.

Only God knows the reach we had but it’s tens of millions of people, Glory to God again. We are so so grateful to God to be privileged and called to this.


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