Help us help others!

#Gravechat (Buried in the coffin for 3 days on 2 occasions) has been overwhelmingly successful, it’s been such an incredible way of reaching millions of people; we’ve been inundated in a great way with thousands of folk looking for help. Professional who are unfortunately addicted, Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Financial Advisors and more, all addicted to prescription drugs. We’re developing ways of them supporting them and for them to support one another.

Paramilitaries have been in touch; victims of shootings and their families have been helped, supported and sent to rehab, we’ve reached gangsters, suicidal, single mum’s with babies, buying food, clothing and other things for them, paid fines for them to keep them out of prison and with their kids. Many depressed and Abused, the families who have had suicide devastate them; one family had 2 suicides to deal with were working with them on an ongoing basis, many but not all of these folk have invited Christ into their lives. The list goes on and on, every day they get in touch. It’s such a privilege to be able to reach them with support, prayer and an opportunity for them to be saved.

To help us take this message further I need to raise funds, to this end I have honestly prayed much and am led to do several things in September.

  1. Climb Ben Nevis on 2nd September
  2. Do a parachute jump in Ireland. September 8th
  3. Climb Ireland’s highest mountain, Carrauntoohill in Co Kerry on September 9th.

God is blessing us in Walking Free by sending so many folk to us to help and pray for. We would so appreciate it if you could help us reach more by donating through our website.

Maybe you or your church would like to raise funds or even take part in one of our three activities. If so email me at

Thank you and God bless

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