Partnering with others

We believe that it’s both scriptural and healthy to partner with other ministries and churches who serve God with similar heart and passion as ourselves.

One of these ministries is Drop Inn Ministries - They are based near Armagh in Northern Ireland,  Under the leadership of my friend Ronnie Dawson they reach out to 26 countries in the world,helping refugees, orphans. the poor, addicted and marginalised, You may have seen their 2nd hand shops (Called Drop inn shops)

They have a beautiful castle in Armagh in N Ireland, we have partnered with them in holding our ‘Freedom Retreats there. We also recently travelled to Belarus and Latvia with them, they have opened doors for us to go into places like churches, orphanages, schools and rehabs to preach and help people. We will do more with them around the world over this coming years.  Trish travelled to eastern europe before Christmas with them to deliver 1,000s of shoe boxes to kids in orphanages.

It’s the broken individuals who need us

Trish and I work hard at reaching individuals in their different situations. let me share a couple of examples, just to give you an idea. Last month while I was working in Belfast Trish flew into Glasgow to stand with a mum in court trying to get her kids back, this is ongoing and were trusting for breakthrough. We have been working with this girl for many years.

We worked hard clearing a house where the owner was a hoarder, she gave her heart to Christ, her house is now like a new home and she is attending an Alpha course. What a miraculous change in her life.
I met a young guy in Tesco’s, he was an addict, he had been shot 4 times last year and was desperate to change his life, he has now finished 6 weeks in rehab, he is a Christian and were continuing to work with him and his family. These are just a very few of the examples of many were working with. Maybe I should do a book on testimonies to let you all hear their stories. Please pray for everyone were working with.

My Health

Thank God my health has been good and my energy levels high. Cancer and Hep C are completely gone and my new liver is v healthy Praise God.
I am 62 now and God willing I will spend the next 3 years reaching out radically to millions using creative methods and new ideas.

We have been invited to be buried in several places around the world and we have plans for Republic Of Ireland and USA at present, we will fill you in in a few weeks on progress.
Please pray and support us if you can.

We sincerely desire prayer, as you can imagine we do come under attack, personally and ministry wise. Should God lay it on your heart to support us financially you can do so through our website We gladly trust God for all our work

I am working hard in developing the ministry to effectively reach many more people. Please pray for God’s great assistance and wisdom as I endeavor to do this.

Finally, we ‘Live Stream’ fairly regularly, about 3-4 times a week at 10.30pm from my Facebook page called ‘John Edwards Walking Free’. Should you know anyone who needs encouragement this is one place they will get it.

God bless you all, let us together believe that greater things are still to come, greater things are yet to be done.

We love you all, John and Trish

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