Summer Newsletter 2017

Hi Everyone, Trish and I hope your all well and blessed. Thank you all so much for your continued prayer and support, we could not do this important work without you all.

We continue to travel thousands of miles with the syringe in both the UK and Ireland.  We have reached every corner of Ireland and various parts of the UK. Many have given their  hearts to Christ and thousands more have been blessed and encouraged.

Our work at Walkingfree has increased a lot and God has opened many doors for us worldwide to bring the Gospel to many, using the syringe and other creative ministry ideas.

Already in the last 6 months we travelled to the East Coast of USA to preach, we also went to Belarus and Latvia to share, preach and meet with many. God has been moving powerfully and there are many stories of salvation, deliverance and healing; Amazingly, we are now reaching millions of people and not just thousands, this is an incredible blessing and a massive challenge too.

Willowfield Parish Church (Church of Ireland) in East Belfast invited us to reach out for them in East Belfast during the 40 days of lent. They asked us to do our rather radical ‘Coffin Outreach’, that is, to get buried in our new ‘Flat Pack Coffin’.

Well Trish and I, together with our friend Josh (Our techy guy) travelled over on February 28th to Belfast and I went underground from the 1-3rd of March. We ‘Live-streamed’ for the entire 3 days.
We trusted that God would undertake to help us in Publicity, Our good friend Gayle Hunter worked tirelessly  to communicate with and coordinate media, they responded ‘Big Style’.

Our #Gravechat outreach went viral, it went to so many countries we lost count, China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, including live radio in Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Equador, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Belarus, Latvia, all Europe, USA Canada and many many more places.  Many millions of people heard us and read about our escapades. TV stations carried it too. Revelation TV, Australian TV, BBC website had it as it’s top story for many weeks. I have to say God did much more than we asked, thought and imagined.  I only slept for 6-7 hours while in the coffin, so many calls came in through phone, skype, text and email.

Yes my headstone and I am buried under there.

We are still helping many people worldwide who heard us in our Gravechat outreach. Suicidal, professional addicted people, doctors, psychiatrists, folk in finance industry and so on.

Why do we do it?

Why do we travel around with the ‘Worlds Biggest Syringe or live in a coffin for 3 days at a time? This is a fair question and deserving of an answer.

Trish and I have attended many funerals over the years, I personally have witnessed ‘hundreds’ of young men and woman die from accidental overdose, suicide and addiction related illneses such as AIDS Hepatitis C, liver failure, murder etc. I and we often have to speak at these funerals and comfort the devestated families. Every time I walk away from a funeral or hospital my heart breaks, I always pray and ask God, ‘How Can We Do more To Reach These Broken People Before They Die Or To Prevent Their Deaths?  When I pray and think on these lines God begins to give me creative ideas of how to reach people and prevent some from going into a premature grave. That is where the ideas come from, It takes courage to do it too but for the lives we reach it’s worth it.

We thank God we have helped many who were suicidal and addicted, lot’s of folk are finding freedom…..

All praise and Glory to God.

John & Trish

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