So, What Next?

I could go on and on about how incredible this is but suffice to say we are going to take this further afield and we now have invitations to go to different parts of the world with this radical outreach. You know me, I have other ‘OUT THERE’ ideas for radical outreach too, they will be coming up soon, watch this space. We will be doing a burial in a secret place in South of Ireland in September. All will be revealed here soon.  See you there maybe?

The miraculous stories that have come out of these outreaches are only possible with God. Healings, brain tumours gone, suicidal helped, other healings, demonic poltergeist clearances in houses, in individuals and so on. Serious gangsters helped, young folk who had been shot giving their hearts to Christ, drug dealers, millionaires helped, professionals who are addicted to prescription drugs being helped by us to this moment and all are doing well. So much more too, I believe we will write a testimony book as a result of these miraculous happenings.

This week we have been invited to bring the syringe and coffin into the European Leaders Advance in Harrogate, here Bill Johnson and other leaders are the main speakers, they have given us free of charge a central place in the exhibition hall. Praise God for His favour.

We have had such an incredible last few months, so much so that we have had thousands of people from round the world get in touch for various reasons. We have lost count of the people we have prayed for, led to Christ, interviewed and helped in so many ways.

We visited Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania since the Coffin outreach and incredibly many knew who we were over there, they brought newspapers to us showing us at ‘Willowfield Parish Church’ in Belfast and the #Gravechat story, including my Christian testimony. Wow, Isn’t God amazing…..

Our means of outreach have been ‘Creative’ is one word I would use, ‘Out There’ is a term others have used or ‘Radical’ is probably a more correct term to describe what we have been doing.

We have travelled close to 50,000 miles with our 33 foot long by 6 foot in diameter syringe throughout Ireland, N Ireland and the UK.  We have gone to so many villages, towns, cities, over mountains and down valleys to individual houses, hotels to meet people and  all kinds of other places. We have prayed with many hundreds of people, spoken to thousands one on one and to millions through media, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and the internet. We still have many people getting in touch with us looking for help and prayer as a result of our ‘Syringe Outreach.

We have been into many schools speaking to thousands of pupils, into prisons, youth clubs even old folks homes as a result of our syringe outreach.

This ministry with the syringe is very hard work, driving thousands of miles, setting it up, maintaining it etc is all very tiring; then speaking to thousands of people on the streets, in their homes, meeting broken parents in hotels and other places. Then trying to arrange detox for addicts We have had it attacked twice as we went into tough neighbourhoods and have had to undergo repairs. This is all done now and we look forward to moving forward with our plans for outreach.

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