Are you doers of the Word?

Self righteousness will always gather a crowd that will agree on their side of the argument or disagreement. Wars are started in such ways, division in family, marriage, families and in communities, nations etc are always when two people or groups stand opposed to each other, believing themselves and their worldview to be right.

The devil is an expert at getting two bodies of people to disagree with each other, they may both be right, that’s the trouble but we should measure how right we are by looking into God’s word, only there will we see how right or wrong we truly are.

Be ye doers  of my word, forgive each other, pour undeserved favour on each other,  it’s called ‘Grace’.
Here is the answer to most of our problems, wars, family breakups and family feuds. Will you be a doer of the word? Or will you be using your energy to try to defend yourself and prove your right?

Doers of the Word are ‘Blessed in all they do’. (See James 1v20-23) folk who don’t Do The Word therefore will not be ‘Blessed in all their ways’. Which one are you?

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