A persons circumstances are directly linked to their thought life!

Our thought life is shaped and influenced by many things, including what we look at, listen to and learn either on purpose or on our journey; Culture too is a huge contributor to how we think. What we believe is directly associated to what has influenced us. You have rarely had an  original thought.

The bible tells us to think on True, Nobel, Right, Pure, Lovely and admirable things. (Phil 4v8) To think these kind of thoughts takes discipline and ordered on purpose thinking. May I suggest you be very careful what you think these days.

When I was an alcoholic and addict many years ago my habits and circumstances were not going to change until I changed how I think.

The Word repent means 'To change the way you think' - Reading the bible in correct context influenced and massively changed my thinking and at the same time my addiction left me. Of course the author of the bible lives in me and He revealed truth to me and in me.

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