What’s Coming Up For Walking Free In 2017

This is our new ‘Flat Pack Coffin’ made by my friend Brian Barrett in Glasgow.

I shared above about our 40 days outreach in Belfast, we will be buried for three days and then do 37 more days of outreach in East Belfast, we’re partnering with Willowfield Church in Belfast BT6 area.

Later in 2017 we will travel the length and breadth of Ireland and UK with both the syringe and this new…’Flat Pack Coffin’ getting buried a couple of times and reaching the lost, suicidal, addicted and their families. (Should you want us to come to your church or house meeting let us know, you can email me through the website here, or email me at johnwalkingfree@gmail.com

Please check out our website, look at the testimonies and realise there is not such thing as a hopeless case. With God all things are possible.  God bless for now.

See our itinerary for 2017 here

Later in 2017 we will be travelling across the USA with the coffin. (We may bring the syringe too) God has for some time laid it on my heart to literally go right round the world reaching out in radical ways, well this year I am beginning to do this, starting in Ireland in June, going through UK in July and then hitting USA in the Autumn. Next year we will do Australia and New Zealand, (God willing) then later in 2018 we will cross over to Western Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus and many other countries through Europe and then back home.

My book ‘Walking Free’ is bring translated into Russian as I write, in readiness of going over there. We will ‘Live Stream’ everywhere we go building our audience and bringing hope and freedom through Jesus Christ as we go. I plan to finish this world trip by the time I am 65, I am 62 now and after having had much sickness over last few years I plan on winding down a bit when I am 65.

More pictures of the coffin:

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