Radical Outreach comes from active faith

In Jesus time there were folk so desperate to get their friends to Jesus they would simply do anything to get his attention. The girl with the issue of blood literally crawled,  grabbed the hem of His garment…. And got healed….. In other words she had to humble herself to reach Him. Imagine doing that to the Queen or to the President? It would take real guts and a desperation. Imagine the centurion, ‘Just say the Word Jesus, and my servant will be healed’. Wow what faith!! The Syrophoenician woman, “even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the Masters table”. Wow…

Let’s imagine like in Mark chapter 2 where the friends actually could not get their mate to Jesus, the front door was blocked with crowds and there was no way to get him to Jesus. So they had to think outside the box to get him into the presence of Jesus.

I can imagine the conversation, some folk would have said, “Ill have nothing to do with something or someone so radical, others would have  said, “if you do that I’ll have nothing to do with you anymore,” or “you must be off your head, look at the damage you’ll do; we can’t afford the roof repair costs, or well get a bad reputation as being crazy if we associate with such an outreach”

These days they would have had the health and safety crew stopping the outreach. Where’s your scaffolding, your high viz jacket, your hard hat…God help us…Yet,  the crazy ones, the ones who didn’t balk at bad reputation or any other obstacle, they cut through that roof and lowered their friend into the presence of Jesus,  it worked, Jesus took his attention away from the others and reached the guy brought to him through those who paid a price to bring him. Jesus healed the paralysed man. Oh Hallelujah. The amplified bible says, v5 When Jesus saw their (Active Faith) (Springing from confidence in Him) He healed the man and forgave his sin. Ha, brilliant.

Well there are millions who will not or cannot go through the front doors of a church these days. They would not dare put a foot across the threshold of a church. Others are too sick, in hospital, bedridden at home, depressed and locked in, isolated and unable to get to or through the front door of any church. What do we do?  Do we debate the cost to our reputation? To our pocket’s? to the church? Or do we rise up, dig a hole in the roof and bring our friends and neighbours to the Lord?

Here at ‘Walking Free’ we make syringes, carry crosses, build coffins and ‘live-stream’ to folk right round the world, we bring the Word Himself right into the comfort and anonymity of their armchairs in their homes. We dig a hole in their proverbial roof to bring them into the presence of Jesus. My friends, it’s time to think out side the box so we can bring our friends and neighbours to Jesus. You want to do that? Well we can help you, but do you have what it takes to work or learn from or with us? or invite us to teach you how to use radical means to reach your friends? Do you?

Well let’s be hearing from you then contact us here

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