Exciting and fruitful times to come!

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, Trish and I wish you a very happy and fulfilling 2017.

I believe Walking Free is about to come into it’s busiest but most exciting and fruitful time for many years, maybe ever. Let me recap you on 2016 before I share what 2017 promises.

Phew…2016 has been a year of hard work to attain breakthrough and momentum in our ‘Live Streaming’ and outreach with the syringe.  I estimate we have reached up to 2 million people through our one on one conversations, church, school and prison meetings and also through media on our travels. We managed to travel over an incredible 40,000 miles in Ireland and the UK over the last couple of years with the syringe. We went into many tiny villages, towns and cities, speaking to thousands on the streets and in housing estates etc.

We met with parents of addicts, addicts, the suicidal, (Preventing several suicides) we clothed people, brought many shopping for clothes, food, toiletries, getting addicts and broken folk into rehabs. Taking the homeless off the streets and either pointing them to rehab or actually getting them into rehab on some occasions. We gave free advice out to parents, addicts, suicidal on an almost daily basis. We were busy to the max, it’s time to change the way we work and work smarter so we can reach more.   On top of the outreach we took several people into our home to help detox them, others with other problems we took in too. Im delighted to say this turned out to be very successful on behalf of the ones we took into our home.

This year we will need to up our game, implement change in how we work with people and as a result we will help many more. We will use our website to interact with folk  and have  regular ‘Live Streaming’ going on, this will result with us being able to help and reach lots of people and deal with most of them online.

Retreats. We held 7 Walking Free Retreats during 2016, far exceeding our goal of doing 4-5 retreats. Hundreds of people were blessed and freed in different ways as a result of these ‘Freedom Retreats’.  We held our retreats in Ireland at Ballyards Castle, we also held a retreat in New Jersey USA and in Scotland with an independent church in Irvine Ayrshire. Each retreat was super successful, the presence of God was so powerful and God set many folk free.  Glory to God.

John Edwards

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