These last few months, we’ve been busy in the very fruitful work of outreach. 

Let me give you some bullet point updates. 


  • We have updated all our bank details and you will see on our website (www.walkingfree.org) that we’ve returned to the name Walking Free in all our correspondence. We used the charity Fathers Heart ministries for several years to facilitate our administration and finance whilst building the ministry after my illness with liver Transplant etc but have now returned to ‘Walking Free’ because the ministry has expanded and I am completely fit and well again, Praise God. Most of those who partner with us financially have transferred their standing orders to Walking Free, if any of you have not or if anyone would be led to support us in preaching the Gospel you can do so through our secure website. 


  • God works in seasons, indeed one of His names is Jehovah Olam (God of all seasons or everlasting Father.) Well, He has brought us into a new season by opening doors worldwide for us to preach the Gospel and train churches in the ministry of evangelism. We travel to Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus in Early May, then the USA in late May, Shetland Islands in June and many other countries later in the year. I’ll share in more detail in next update. 


  • Walking Free believe in partnering with different ministries as God leads us, we partner with Drop in Ministries in Armagh, it is with this great ministry that we travel to Eastern Europe in early May. We partner with Joshua ministry which reaches out to and trains the lost, broken and addicted in Ireland. We partner with The River Church in Florida which is Pastored by Dr Rodney Howard Browne. We organised 10 meetings for Pastor Rodney in February 2019 and travelled with them. This ministry is so incredibly authentic and anointed. We had over 5,000 people attend meetings, over 1200 came forward for Salvation and recommits to the Lord, over 3,000 committed to sharing the Gospel in their communities. I am now travelling around some of these churches and training them in how to reach an entire cross section of their cities, schools, old folks homes, prisons, youth clubs, businesses and housing estates. Using both old and modern methods but all empowered and inspired by God’s Word and the Holy Ghost. We will be doing further outreaches with all our partners later in 2019.


Thanks for your support


Love John & Trish 


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