Tour of Hope continues ...

Tour of hope continues ...

We have literally lost count of how many we have prayed with for salvation, it’s in the hundreds. Many more were reached through radio programmes, new6spapers etc. Praise God. 

Several young men and women are in Christian residential rehabilitation centres as a result of our outreach too. Parents in both UK and Ireland have been helped and supported.

The UK Tour of Hope began at the beginning of July. We visited Scarborough, Eastfield, Beverley and Northallerton, always working with the local churches and reaching out to where they wanted us to go. Many were reached, saved and practically helped.  We clothed people, fed them, arranged rehab & doctors for them and blessed them in any way that we could. 

On 7th August we head off to Jumping Jacks outreach with the giant Syringe (7pm @ Maryhill G20 0H )

On 8th August to the Easterhouse Gala with our good friends Pastors Stewart and Tracy Patterson, Shandwick place, Easterrhouse there will be a fun day held in the car park 12-5pm we are believing for a real Harvest. 

Then were off to Rwanda to reach out to the survivors of the Genocide and visit the prison to reach and share my story with the perpetrators of the genocide and other prisoners. Please pray for us. And if possible please support us as we meet the needs of so many broken people. God bless you all.