Reflections of Rwanda

We recently returned from an incredible but very moving two week trip to Rwanda in the heart of Africa. Rwanda is still in serious recovery mode since the travesty of Genocide 21 years ago where over one million people were butchered during a hellish 100 day span. 

We were privileged to Travel in Rwanda with ourFriends Eliezer and Amy Haguma. 

Eliazer's testimony is incredible, he is a genocide survivor and is very experienced in the ways, customs and culture of Rwanda. This helped greatly as we reached out to both the survivors and perpetrators of the genocide.  

There was a great team of friends accompanying us, friends from Texas, Scotland and from Bradford. Together we travelled the country, meeting people, meeting their needs, the brokenness in them overwhelmed us, many who lost their entire families, slaughtered in the genocide, their husbands, children, parents all gone and none left to comfort the lonely survivors. 

Children homeless, living in holes in the ground, older men left to die on their own with no family left to look after them in their old age. We as a team, with your help, bought a herd of 30 goats and gave them to the widows as a source of income. Eliezer sourced a house which we got furniture, beds, pots, pans, cookers, cleaning materials etc. Then we went and got 8 of the homeless boys from the streets and greatly surprised them as we offered them accommodation. Our American friends are generously supporting the home for the first season, volunteers are working in the home daily and great pastoral accountability has been put in place. Already all the boys have invited Christ into their lives and they are all now so enthusiastic about their future. Please pray for them all.

We also had the great privilege of leading many others to the Lord, both perpetrators and survivors. Our experiences were life changing for us and for them. 

We look forward to returning to Rwanda to reach out to the broken and homeless when we formulate a great plan to make a difference to help some recover from Genocidal devastation.