Wednesday 25th March 2015 8:19 PM

My Book, 'Walking Free' (My life story about how I was freed from years of addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and my recovery from cancer and liver transplant) It is now available on Amazon and Kindle as an EBOOK
Please support us as we travel to reach the lost, suicidal and hurting by purchasing a copy.
I have received literally Hundreds of letters, emails etc saying how the Book helped change people's lives and led many to Him also. Please share and recommend it my friends.

God bless. John

Silence is Golden

Tuesday 24th March 2015 7:00 PM

Silence is Golden

I had the pleasure and privilege of having lunch with a friend who has sinned greatly and made huge mistakes in his life recently. I hardly said a word during the hour and a half lunch. I just listened as he poured out his heart in brokenness, I didn't need… Read more

Next Meeting - Moyross

Monday 23rd March 2015 8:02 PM

Looking forward to speaking tonight in Moyross community centre. Come along and let's trust God to bring blessing into our lives … Read more

We need to make RECOVERY trendy.

Friday 20th March 2015 8:06 PM

Depression in the west has already gone completely out of hand. According to an Irish newspaper report yesterday a Minimum of 500,000 people in the Republic of ireland are on Antidepressants. (That's 1 in 8 people. In the 50s it was one in 450. Since SSRI drugs came out… Read more

Would you believe it?

Tuesday 17th March 2015 8:25 PM

Would you believe it?

I'm overwhelmed at the goodness of God. through sickness of the last few years to now have my health back and to be seeing God move in supernatural and miraculous ways, to witness His incredible Presence on Sunday in Galway Connect church with my friends Tommy and Maria Cooney and… Read more