Monday 20th October 2014 9:03 AM

Former Alcoholic/Addict John Edwards is currently touring Ireland with what he claims is the 'Biggest Syringe In The World'. John ended up living and begging on the streets of London, accidentally overdosing many times. Many of John's friends have died through the effects of alcohol and drugs. Although John has had a liver transplant, Hepatitis C and cancer twice he is now back on his feet clean and sober for 24 years and is out and about touring Ireland and living in the Biggest Syringe in the world. (It's 33 feet long by 6ft in diameter.)

John will be visiting many towns and cities in Ireland but has chosen Roscrea and Clonmel to launch his new venture with the syringe. Over the last two days John has met many from Roscrea, In John's own words he says, "I have met some of the nicest people ever, the local people hare are amazing, so kind, generous and friendly, but you know they are broken too; so many suicides, so many abusing drugs."

"Now the problem is not as bad as some say regarding drugs but for a small town it is bad. I am traumatised at the amount of people coming to me telling me of young people dying from drugs, it's effects and suicide. How could I not be effected, yes I have seen a lot of hardship in my life, John says, but this is another level. We have got to put a stop to it and provide a solution; I believe part of the answer is to get people from my background and form us together as one recovered voice to shout hope to this nation, to bring some good news, to tell young people that drugs are not the answer, that suicide is not the way out of trouble or pain in life. It's time to get our addicted youth into rehab or recovery, to provide help for them. They are the future hope of our nation, the breath of Ireland's life. I intend to tour this country and bring some good news to the tens of thousands of suffering addicts, their families and to society at large. I guess you could say that many believe religion has let them down, the economy and Government has disappointed and devastated them too. Yet still in private we cry out to God for help in our lives and country. It is only with God's help that this country will find help. That is why John is working alongside Oasis Christian fellowship. They like many in the Catholic church too are praying for a miracle in Roscrea. John say's "I want to 'Inject some Godly hope into Irish society'.